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“A verdant, green Earth filled with natural beauty, diversity and harmony”

Nelson MandelaNelson-Mandela 2

(Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund)

“I endorse the ideals of “Gondwana Alive” because it approaches, as I see it, the very core of two concerns most dear to me, the children of today’s world and the children of tomorrow’s world…”


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Fellowship -GA Fellowship unites nature lovers, encouraging and supporting them in taking action to celebrate, protect and restore biodiversity at home, work, school and in their community.

Nature & Culture Trails - our recommended Trails connect people and nature through walking, uplift vulnerable communities, build sustainable local economies, protect and restore biodiversity.

Environmental Support Services - GA Community Stewards assess, monitor and restore biodiversity along trails and in adjoining communities, promote a walking culture, guide trails and support environmental education and outreach.

Mentorship & Development Services – GA Development promotes sustainable development and builds grass roots capacity to celebrate, protect and restore biodiversity and sustain this effort.

Kofi Annan Kofi(Endorsed GA)

“…it is my hope that this … will steer us away from the dangerous course of business-as usual,…”


Gondwana Alive was established at the Gondwana Conference in 1998, by 9 Scientists lead by Dr John Anderson. Today Gondwana Alive is a non profit company and registered public-benefit organization (donations are tax deductible).


Our overarching goal is to become a global Fellowship of nature lovers acting to celebrate, protect and restore biodiversity – people, plants, animal.

The Dalai LamaDalai-Lama(Endorsed GA)

“…it is more important than ever that each of us do whatever we can to ensure the protection, restoration and replenishment of our environment and its inhabitants”


• Improved Biodiversity

• People & Communities Uplifted

• Sustainable Economic Development

• Sustained, capacitated effort


In aspiring to our vision and carrying out our mission to “Stem the Sixth Extinction” of life on Earth, we are focused by our desired impact, and guided by our values and principles to honour, respect, cultivate and value the differences that come with diversity.

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“I was fascinated to learn about the Gondwana Alive project…If this doesn’t give us cause to think more carefully about the potential consequences of our own actions, I suspect nothing will.”