#ItStartsWithMe Campaign

What is Your Choice?

Humanity is facing social unrest, economic failure and ecological degradation. We have compromised the ability of our land, rivers and oceans to support life, and we are wiping out the diversity that allows life to perpetuate over time, to recover in the face of disaster.

We created this situation so we can also change it if we want to – the choice is ours. What is your choice?


Wetland restored by Kommetjie Coastal Stewards

What is the #ItStartsWithMe Campaign?

Gondwana Alive launched its new #ItStartsWithMe Campaign at the Silver Mountain Music Festival on the 16-19 June 2016.

The #ItStartsWithMe Campaign

The Earth is a mess environmentally and this poses a real threat to humanity! – this is the essence of what Greenpeace activist Kumi Naidoo had to say at a recent anti-nuclear fundraiser in Cape Town (http://safcei.org/way-beyond-nuclear/).

To heal the only planet we can call Home, Gondwana Alive believes we need viable, alternate solutions on the table. To seek, find and implement these solutions we need to explore new “GreenPaths” and we need to “GrowGreen” stewards.


Wetland restored by Kommetjie Coastal Stewards

Significance & Goals of the #ItStartsWithMe Campaign

What is the significance of this campaign?

It will contribute significantly towards the achievement of the #Millennium Development Goals especially #Goal7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

The state-of-the-art #ItStartsWithMe Campaign calls for community stewards, trains community stewards and supports community steward projects that deliver tangible benefits to people and the natural environment we form part of.

This Campaign builds on years of experience in raising awareness about the plight of biodiversity (www.gondwanaalive.org/publications), and in building individual and institutional capacity to promote sustainable development.

The United Nations Equator Initiative (check out http://equatorinitiative.org/) acknowledges that collectively, community projects contribute significantly toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals – the problem is that they are difficult to sustain with project or donor funding. The market driven approach of the #ItStartsWithMe model will help to overcome this challenge.

What are the Campaign Goals?

Spread the Word via publications and social media, reaching 1000000 people @ 1 dollar per 1 follower. #EarthAlive Facebook and Twitter

Train One, Uplift Many with 125 day mentorship course for 125 Community Stewards @ 2 dollars per day (250 dollars per course). #GrowGreen

Support One project, One Solution – deliver customized support to 100 community stewards projects delivering tangible benefits to people and the environment @ 1- 5000 dollars per project. #GreenPaths

Dr Tracey Phillips, CEO of Gondwana Alive, believes that “the market driven approach to our new #ItStartsWithMe campaign will help to substantially scale-up and sustain community contributions to the green agenda.

Why does Gondwana Alive support #ItStartsWithMe?

Over the past 6 years Gondwana Alive has been investigating ways to sustain and expand the benefits of community projects. At their Annual General Meeting in April 2016, Gondwana Alive reported that over the past six years their supportive, community-based approach had made a significant contribution to individual and institutional capacity development, biodiversity conservation and green job creation.

Read more about their ecological, social and economic impact in the CEO 2015 Annual Report.

At the Groen Sebenza national partnership project award ceremony earlier this year, Tanya Abrahamse, CEO of the South African National Biodiversity Institute, said Gondwana Alive was “small, but impactful”.

With our innovative new business plan and #ItStartsWithMe model, the plan is to expand our reach and sustainability over the next five years.

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