Groen Sebenza

We need skilled people

South Africa has a shortage of critical workplace skills and experience in the biodiversity sector.

Mentoring for skills and jobs

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) embarked on a major skills development and job creation pilot programme in 2013 and named it Groen Sebenza. Essentially it is a Jobs Fund Partnership Project funded by the National Treasury aimed at developing priority skills in the biodiversity sector to create sustainable job opportunities for unemployed graduates and non-graduates. The project matches young South Africans from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with experienced biodiversity professionals to learn and gain the competence and confidence to embark on rewarding and meaningful biodiversity careers.

The Groen Sebenza Programme

The programme partnered with 43 host institutions across the country from all tiers of government, NGO’s and the private sector. The recruited pioneers were appointed and trained in the following broad occupation categories i.e. Nature Conservation, Science and research, Environmental management and Planning, Law and compliance, Environmental Education, Communication and Community development.

Watch the interview with intern Mandlakazi Mgwebi


“There are still concerns that South Africa might fail to meet its targets to halt biodiversity loss and that opportunities for employment growth will be missed. Addressing these concerns requires the combined efforts of all stakeholders. It is with this in mind that we are making an appeal as a pilot partnership initiative to potential employers in government departments, NGOs and the private sector to find out more about this exciting and experienced pool of talent”

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Why Gondwana Alive supports Groen Sebenza?

Gondwana Alive supports Groen Sebenza because we believe in their methods. Groen Sebenza is based on an “incubator model” giving 800 participating youth workplace experience through a structured mentoring programme, together with skills development and training opportunities.

How does Gondwana Alive support Groen Sebenza?

GA has hosted, mentored and placed 6 graduates and 1 matriculant in jobs, and represented small NGOs on the national Project Steering Committee.

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