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Will you partner with us in creating Green Jobs for Youth?

A donation of just R100 can make a big difference to the career of a young environmentalist

GrowGreen Youth is a project initiated by Gondwana Alive to connect young environmentalists with potential employers via a free, centralized web-based and mobile directory. The Uber-type digital service will be tailored for the cross-cutting environmental sector and freely available to employers, customers and young environmentalists or contractors seeking work.

Grown Green Resources

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• Gardeners
• Holistic housekeepers & nannies
• Herders
• Recyclers
• Path building & maintenance
• Environmental monitors
• Alien plant clearing
• Environmental trainers / facilitators


• Gardeners
• Holistic housekeepers & nannies
• Herders
• Recyclers
• Path building & maintenance
• Environmental monitors
• Alien plant clearing
• Environmental trainers / facilitators

Why the Youth?


It is crucial that we EMPOWER the young decision makers of tomorrow with AGENCY to change their own lives.

Nearly half of the world’s population – are under the age of 25.

As the majority of the world’s population, young people are most affected by our greatest global challenges – including but not limited to unemployment – challenges that undermine their rights and create significant social and economic costs to society. According to SAVision2020, 40% of the global youth labour force is unemployed. In South Africa youth unemployment sits at 60%.

Equally shocking is that ours may be the last generation to catch food from our oceans, and by 2030 if we continue as we are fresh water supply will exceed demand by 40%.

On a planet designed to provide us with all we need to thrive, not only has humanity created a world where one needs a job to survive, we have also created a world where food and water are running out!

Is this the legacy we want to leave our youth?

How Gondwana Alive is helping create

a positive legacy for future generations

One of the many challenges……

Weak infrastructure

In many countries, young people lack direct access to institutional systems and structures within governments, the media and private and civil society sectors. This severely impedes their ability to advocate their abilities and experience to potential employers.

Gondwana Alive’s GrowGreen Directory & Mentorship service builds the entrepreneurial capacity of youth, enabling them to advocate their abilities and experience to potential employers…

• If you have green skills, and are of employable age, young (<35) and seeking work, list your profile, contact details, services and experience on our web-based GrowGreen Directory.
• We will help identify potential customers or employers in the area you wish to work, create a demand for green services and promote the directory as a means of finding the services.
• The directory is searchable so potential employers can easily locate job seekers with required green skills near them.
• Your contact details will be on the directory so interested employers and customers can contact you directly.
• The directory is free for both job seekers and employers or customers.
• Contact mandla@gondwanaalive.org if you need help filling in the Directory.

An opportunity we have not had before?


Environmental awareness has never been higher with many people wanting to “go green” if they can do so easily. There has been a proliferation of environmental initiatives creating short-term job opportunities and many existing jobs that can be done in a “green” manner. Our creative and technological abilities enable us to deliver a centralised web and mobile platform – thereby providing the necessary infrastructure needed by youth. This creates an opportunity we have not had before, to substantively scale-up the positive impacts of community-based initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

Some examples of community-based projects Gondwana Alive have recently engaged in are the:

• Coastal Stewardship project.
• Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve trails development project.
• Groen Sebenza (Green Jobs) mentorship project.
• Grootvadersbosch Conservancy – indigenous forest rehabilitation, trails and Silver Mountain Music projects.
• Adaptation Fund Small Grant Facility – BRC Land & Livestock Adaptation project

These projects have positive impacts on lives and ecosystems in the short-term. The challenge is they are difficult to sustain and we need to reach so many more people and places. Our GrowGreen Directory & Mentorship service can help to do this.

The Purpose


The purpose of GondwanaAlive’s GrowGreen Youth project is to help vulnerable youth to find jobs and develop their careers, green their communities and live healthy, environmentally conscious lives.

Specifically, the project aims to make use of today’s web and mobile communication technology to:

• Upskill youth to meet market demand for affordable green services, on an As and When needed basis
• Promote green services and link the young job seeker with potential employers.
• Support skills and career development through distance mentorship and training. [See our additional services/value add’s here]

Additional Services Offered include:


• Ongoing mentorship to support youth with work, skills and career development
• Practical environmental skills training

Our practical, on-the-job skills training is designed to:

(i) instill basic green skills in youth with no experience or training in this area, and
(ii) to facilitate finding, creating and keeping a job.

Training can be customized to suit the situation.

Essential modules include gardening, environmental management practice, attitudes for jobs, career development planning and development of mentorship skills.

Additional or alternative modules include trail building & maintenance, trail product development, alien plant clearing, good herding practice, business practice, project management practice and environmental monitoring.

Is this the legacy we want to leave our children?

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall is one iconic woman who doesn’t think so. She recognises that humanity is endangering the future of life on Earth and said that the “Gondwana Alive project calls us to take action before it is utterly too late.”

“I have worked in sustainable livelihood development for over 20 years and see an increasing demand in the cross-cutting environmental sector for competent, affordable support services, as and when needed – it is this market demand we are targeting with our directory service. I also think that Graduate, Intern and Public Works programme exit strategies could really benefit from this initiative.”

Dr Tracey Phillips

CEO, Gondwana Alive

“In using the technology available today I believe we can reach and support many more young people and organizations than we have been able to do in the past through community-based projects.”

Dr Tracey Phillips

CEO, Gondwana Alive

Phase 1 Activities:

1. Invite young environmentalists to list their profile and services on our online GrowGreen Directory
2. Mentor youth in optimizing their profile and services on our GrowGreen Directory
3. Develop and implement campaigns to promote Green services and the GrowGreen Directory to potential employers or customers

To qualify to list on our GrowGreen Directory, youth and contractors will need environmental skills obtained through work, internships or training. We offer additional services in case youth are interested by do not yet have environmental skills.

Additional value-added services offered include:

• Ongoing mentorship to support youth with work, skills and career development
• Practical environmental skills training

Phase 2 Activities:

1. Develop the GrowGreen Directory as a mobile App
2. Develop the GrowGreen practical skills training into online courses
3. Develop a mobile App to host the courses
4. Continue phase 1 activities to fully operationalize the Directory service

“A series of workshops with mentors participating in South Africa’s national Groen Sebenza project revealed that having the right attitude was as important as hard technical skills when it comes to finding and keep a job” Our practical skills training includes a module on “attitudes for jobs”.

Dr Tracey Phillips

CEO, Gondwana Alive



Gondwana Alive has contributed nearly R400 000 (South African Rand) toward this initiative. We need an additional R400000, minimum R300000 to complete the first phase of the project – a process that will empower at least 500 youth in the next 6 months, and ultimately pave the way to empowering at least 500 youth a month from across the globe.

This is to enable youth to:

  • Advertise their services on the directory service
  • Promote their services to potential employers
  • Get support from mentors

As a Sponsor of our #GrowGreen Youth project you will play a key partnership role in helping youth to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic required to find and keep a job, to develop their careers, green communities and live healthy, environmentally conscious lives.

Please contact us for a full proposal.

Please give generously

Every R100 contributed can make a big difference in the life of a young environmental practitioner – please contribute generously.

Thank You.

Contact us for a full proposal and cost breakdown

About GondwanaAlive


Gondwana Alive is non-profit, umbrella Company offering centralized administrative, digital marketing, financial, technical and mentorship support services to strengthen community-based initiatives working to improve lives and natural resources.

With the support of our sponsors we strengthen local champions and through these champions, the small Gondwana Alive team positively influence the lives of hundreds of vulnerable people and natural resources in biodiversity hotspots and critical ecosystems. Our mission is to stem what scientists call the “Sixth Extinction” of life on Earth.

Find out more on www.gondwanaalive.org and download our 2015 Annual Report to read about our impact on #jobs, #communities and #natural resources over the last 5 years.

As Tanya Abrahamse, CEO of the South African National Biodiversity Institute said at a 2015 Groen Sebenza ceremony, Gondwana Alive is “small, but impactful”. Please sponsor our state of the art #GrowGreen Youth project which aims to use digital, online and mobile platforms to extend our mentorship and support services to substantively more youth and socio-ecological community initiatives around the globe.



Dr Tracey Phillips on 0827024310 or traceyphi@gmail.com or tracey@gondwanaalive.org.

The Gondwana Alive team are based at the Village Hub, corner of Main and Watsonia in Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa  – feel free to pop by any time.

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