The Cape Peninsula – South Africa

The Cape Peninsula at the southern tip of Africa is home to extraordinary and unique terrestrial and marine biodiversity – it is also rather appropriately the home of Gondwana Alive’s head office and we support several projects on the Peninsula which create a model to be replicated along the unique heritage Corridors promoted through the Africa Alive Project, ultimately extending more broadly to Gondwana Alive Corridors and Earth Alive Corridors

GA Office

Red Hill Conservancy


Village to Village Trail

Community Steward Pilot

Green Gardens & Paths

Groen Sebenza

Green Gardens

The Earth needs gardeners, and it needs a lot of them


Humanity has created wholesale destruction of our natural environment – our life support system – and we need to fix it.

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Groen Sebenza

South Africa has a critical shortage of workplace skills and experience in the biodiversity sector.

KT Trail Monitoring

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Scenic South Conservation

Conserving the extraordinary

South Africa’s Cape Peninsula is extraordinary – encompassing two World Heritage Sites, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, an open access terrestrial and marine National Park, …

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It is vital to promote sustainable development on the South Peninsula and maintain not only the conservation value but also the very qualities that make the area attractive to investors, residents, tourists and film makers in the first place.

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Baskloof Walkabout

Explore the deep south

The Baskloof Walkabout offers a wonderful way to stay healthy, connect with nature, feel a whole lot better and explore the little village of Scarborough and the adjoining Baskloof Private Nature Reserve, on Cape Town’s scenic south peninsula near Cape Point.


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We need to look after bees

The Cape honeybee aka Apis mellifera capensis pollinates more than 85% of the fynbos flowers. Without these bees we would lose this floral kingdom. Bees keep it together. They ensure the bio-diversity of the world around us.

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Village to Village Trail

Go Walkabout to experience Cape Town’s scenic South Peninsula?

The Village-to-Village Trail offers a wonderful way to stay healthy, connect with nature, feel a whole lot better and explore Cape Town’s scenic South Peninsula near the southern tip of Africa.

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Kommetjie Coastal Stewards

Community Stewardship – Kommetjie & Surrounds

GA-KEAG Community Steward pilot project to mentor and multi-skill stewards from local communities to support a variety of local initiatives looking after natural ecosystems and promoting sustainable ecosystem use. This pilot is evolving into our Green Gardens & Paths project and related Green Directory – through project development, management, mentorship and sponsorship.