We develop and support community projects in biodiversity hotspots and critical ecosystems found along natural & cultural Heritage Corridors.

Our #ItStartsWithMe CareTaker Campaign aims to deliver customized support to 100 CareTaker community projects delivering tangible benefits to people and the environment @ 1- 5000 dollars per project.

Communities may be a physical location or Communities of Practice. Research shows that most local projects have many partners some locally based, some based elsewhere, so the term “Community of Practice” is a good one.

Projects generally fally into 3 programmtic areas:


In or to improve the sustainability of community projects that make significant contributions to the #Millennium Development Goals especially #Goal7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability, our GrowGreen and GreenPaths programmes and related projects adopt a market oriented and scalable model.


GrowGreen focusses on developing CareTakers with skills for which there is a ready demand (e.g. gardening), running campaigns to create a demand for CareTakers with green skills (e.g. gardening in a manner that takes care of our air, water, soil and biodiversity), linking trained CareTakers with potential employers through our online Directory Service which is promoted to potential employers. Our Directory Service targets a specific gap in the market for “competent, green, affordable services, as and when needed”.

Our full CareTaker mentorship course adopts a “train the trainers” approach – with the last module developing CareTakers as mentors so they share what they learn and grow other mentors. In this way we maximize the impact of donor funding – supporting 1 Mentor to uplift many lives.