Conserving the extraordinary

South Africa’s Cape Peninsula is extraordinary – encompassing two World Heritage Sites, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, an open access terrestrial and marine National Park, and a biodiversity hotspot with 9000 terrestrial species and 10000 marine species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Not surprisingly it is attracting huge and growing domestic and international investment in terms of property, film and tourism (

For a relatively small Peninsula it also has a massive and growing population of around 4 000 000, with extreme crowding and poverty in places like Masiphumulele and Red Hill on the South Peninsula. The modern, semi-rural, natural lifestyle and unmatched views on the South Peninsula are highly attractive to developers, placing huge pressure on the area’s natural resources. It is vital to promote sustainable development on the South Peninsula and maintain not only the conservation value but also the very qualities that make the area attractive to investors, residents, tourists and film makers in the first place.

Maintaining the socio-economic asset base

Gondwana Alive is based at the Village Hub in Scarborough on the South Peninsula. Our South Peninsula Conservation project looks to support sustainable development and conservation of the areas’ natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle, unique biodiversity and investment value.

Promoting sustainable development

The Scenic South Conservation project includes developing partnerships and working relationships around activities to:
• Support research, development of researchers and establishment of a research centre – Organization for Tropical Studies and Baskloof Private Nature Reserve
• Map, manage and maintain paths and trail experiences – Baskloof Trails, Foragers (The Village Hub), Scenic South and the Scarborough Community.
• Develop and offer a range of nature connection and outdoor eco-literacy training experiences – specialists Jess Tyrrell, Roy Ashton.
• Promote biodiversity, create jobs and develop skills to counteract poverty through development of green gardeners and path builders and promotion of their services – Redhill Green Gardens & Paths Pilot.
• Research and explore the necessity and possibility of developing a South Peninsula Conservancy – with landowners.


“Pam Golding Properties (PGP) reports that the city’s South Peninsula offers numerous examples of high quality homes that have every modern convenience and luxury, with the added benefit of a semi-rural lifestyle, relatively low crime rates and unmatched views.

PGP’s area manager for the South Peninsula, Sandi Gildenhuys says there is a steady trend of families relocating to the South Peninsula in search of a slower-paced, tranquil lifestyle, close to the beach and closer to nature.”

Why do we support Scenic South Conservation

The project aims to support community stewardship, job creation, skills development, poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation.

How do we support Scenic South Conservation?

Through partnership and project development, fundraising and implementation, capacity building to promote community stewardship.

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