RIM of Africa

Exploring high mountain wilderness

South Africa’s high mountain areas offer an incredible wilderness experience and a vital source of fresh water – making them imperative to conserve. Mountain trails create a way for people to enjoy and conserve a rare wilderness experience and natural resource.


The RIM of Africa journey 

The Cape Fold mountains tell a 500 million year old story, a story that is intimately linked to the evolution of nature and culture and changes in climate. RIM of AFRICA is a 650km journey on foot through the Cape Fold mountains from the Cederberg on the West Coast to the Outeniqua’s on the South Coast.


Traversing the RIM of Africa

RIM of AFRICA has 9 traverses which can be done separately or together. Trail season runs from Sep-Nov each year.



“The RIM of Africa is an opportunity to traverse the Cape Mountains. The route is almost 650km in length, it starts high in the Cederberg Wilderness Area and ends in the foothills of the Outeniqua in the Garden Route, following old pathways, existing trails and remote pathless ridge-lines.

The RIM of Africa works to ensure access to the Cape Mountains for an annual hiking season across private lands and CapeNature reserves, championing conservation and community projects in these remarkable mountains and the communities they support.”

Why Gondwana Alive supports RIM of Africa

RIM of AFRICA offers a fantastic nature connection experience, is dedicated to the conservation of a unique mountain wilderness and the well-being of communities that live in this wilderness.


How Gondwana Alive supports RIM of Africa

We offer support with project development and fundraising, and at times – project coordination.

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You can also book a trail via their website