Springtime. Let’s be bothered.

Aug 25, 2017 | Community Conservation, Education and Awareness | 0 comments

by Gary Simons

So the season of Spring is nearly upon us. The time when all new things bloom, etc etc etc. Some of us will use it as a motivation to clean our homes, get rid of all that hoarded old junk, or simply clean in places that haven’t been for a long time. Generally, a time when we feel energized to turn over a new leaf, or in this case ‘sprout some new leaves and buds’.


So what about ‘turning over a whole tree’ in relation to our planet, and how do we do this as individuals. I’d like to suggest that as part of Spring we re-examine our values and behaviours in relation to our immediate contexts of home, work, communities we are part of, and then broader neighbourhood. Here’s a question that spur on and challenge our thinking and acting. It comes from that great sci-fi writer, Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451.

“We need not be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you really bothered? About something important, about something real?”

Wow. Quite direct Mr Bradbury! But let’s put aside any defensive responses we might have to this challenge and take it positively. Those of us who are consciously and actively “really bothered” by the state of our precarious position on the planet, take encouragement. Don’t be disillusioned by what may at times appear to be insurmountable obstacles to positive change. Take heart from, and celebrate, the progress and accomplishments that are made. Tell others about them with enthusiasm, because enthusiasm for good things is infectious.


Then there’ll be those of us who’ve been promising to ourselves that we’ll be doing something, and haven’t quite got to it yet. Well, hey it’s Spring. Time for new growth. Time for the flowering of potential action. So here are some practical things that are easy to do.


Re-examine the environmental impact of the day-to-day living in your home. If there are others in the home, involve them also. Find three things that you wish to change and, change them. Find ways to celebrate your ‘green’ accomplishments.

Plant a tree or three in your garden, if you have one. If you don’t, ask a friend or neighbour if you can plant some in theirs and tell them why you’re doing it.

Join an active environmental group that are doing things to help ‘Spring Clean’ Gondwana. Perhaps it’s a group that picks up plastic of the beach, or re-plants an area with indigenous trees. Most communities have some kind of environmental action group. If yours doesn’t, hey maybe this is your Ray Bradbury moment, and you could spearhead the starting of one. If, however, you’re struggling to come up with ideas, email us. We’ll help you research and find just your right Spring thing.


Lastly, commit to this not just being a seasonal thing, but a lifestyle thing.


As always we’d love to have you share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email, the things that you’re really bothered about, and also hear about actions that are taking place or need to.


Viva green, and not just in Spring