Village-to-Village Trail

Looking for a nice way to experience Cape Town’s scenic South Peninsula?

The Village-to-Village Trail offers a wonderful way to stay healthy, connect with nature, feel a whole lot better and explore Cape Town’s scenic South Peninsula near the southern tip of Africa.

What is the Village-to-Village Trail?

It is known by many names – the Cape of Storms, the Cape of Good Hope, the Cape Peninsula. Whatever name it goes by, this mountainous strip of land boldly forces its way between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, creating a home for the world’s smallest floral kingdom. It is a place of unique and incredible biodiversity – with more than 9000 terrestrial plant and animal species and 10 000 marine species.

Gondwana Alive recommends using an existing network of public pathways to experience life in in this extraordinary part of the World. We call this experience the “Village to Village” trail.

The route follows the beaches, rocky shores and mountain paths between the villages of Noordhoek, Kommetjie and Scarborough on Cape Town’s south Peninsula, near Cape Point, South Africa.

Thando’s Village-to-Village Experience

“I have walked in many places – the Village to Village experience is quite honestly one of the most beautiful and accessible walks I have done” – Tracey Phillips

Get involved – join an Exploratory Trail

Walking the trail now is already a fabulous experience, and with your help we’ll hone it into a first class experience.

So we invite you to join us for a days exploratory walk – Cape Town style, with good coffee, picnics, local people, brew and pizza along the way.

The 18km trail (ask us about shorter options) starts at 9am with coffee at Noordhoek Farm Village or the Village Hub (depending on the wind direction).

At an additional cost we can arrange transport to and from the starting point.

If you have more time, we highly recommend a second day walk into the hills above Scarborough and down towards Simonstown on the other side of the Peninsula. It is a walk in a pristine mountain wilderness with a wonderful dam to swim in, and a Peak that on a clear day offers an extraordinary view of Cape Point, the Atlantic Ocean and False Bay.

We can arrange transport or accommodation in Scarborough.

Let us know what you interests and dates are and we’ll tailor the experience for you. To enquire email or call the office +27 81 572 1131.

Alternatively – download the map and walk the trail yourself (coming soon)

NOTE: I have walked this route and parts of it many times on my own with no problem, but there have been troubling incidences in a few spots. This is a public trail – please take all the normal safety precautions – walk in groups, don’t take or flash your valuables – and stay alert (Tracey Phillips).

Why did Gondwana Alive initiate the Village-to-Village Trail?

The Village-to-Village Trail is an incredible experience that forges nature connection – the connection we believe is essential for healing our world and building a sustainable future. The Village Hub in Scarborough on the extraordinarily diverse south Cape Peninsula, is also our home base and the surrounding area our teaching ground and demonstration of what we do in the world.

How does Gondwana Alive support the Village-to-Village Trail?

By promoting, developing and helping to look after what we believe is a wonderful trail experience we hope to draw more people to this incredible place on Earth and generate funds to look after it.

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