Call to Action

The Earth is in a mess and this poses a threat to humanity’s survival.

What Can You Do About It?

Become a Community Steward

Follow an 8 Step Process

Step 1: Make a choice (barren vs lush) (business as usual will lead you to barren)
Step 2: Connect with nature (if you choose lush)
Step 3: Improve your understanding of nature and green skills
Step 4: Identify a project – your own or another
Step 5: Resource the project (people, finance)
Step 6: Implement the project
Step 7: Monitor, Reflect, Learn, Share
Step 8: Adapt, Renew

What can we do to help you with this 8 step process?

– Facilitate Nature Connection walking experiences
– Provide Mentorship & Training to increase understanding and skills
– Assist with Project development, resourcing (people, finance), implementation
– Assist with Monitoring & Learning
– Enable promotion & sharing

Alternatively make a difference by making a DONATION to help us find, train and support Community Stewards.