The wilderness that is home to big cats and big grazers is disappearing rapidly. South Africa is lucky enough to have a network of protected areas taking care of these extraordinary animals and the savannah that is their home – the Kruger National Park being a prime example.

GA supports several projects in these wilderness areas:

Organization for Tropical Studies

Near Ezemvelo Nature Reserve


Organization for Tropical Studies

The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) in South Africa which does excellent research and training (courses in African Ecology and Conservation and Global Health Issues) in the Kruger National Park and Western Cape to support conservation and development of researchers from Duke University – through sponsoring of 3 candidates to participate in their spin-off initiative to give back by developing local environmental monitors, and assisting in developing a similar project on the Cape Peninsula.


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Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

Gondwana Alive supports this work through assisting mentors Roy Ashton and Ivan Groenhof in developing a nature connection curriculum for school groups visiting Ezemvelo.


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Forest to Forest Trail

The South African National Parks (SANParks) trail network offers a wonderful way to stay healthy, connect with nature, feel a whole lot better, explore and experience South Africa’s wilderness areas.


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