When in doubt, Pedal it Out among the Spring Flowers

Sep 8, 2016GrowGreen0 comments

by Sheree-Ann Jooste, Gondwana Alive

Its flower season on the West Coast! Flower watching is one of the most popular activities on the West Coast during spring. The flowers are breathtaking, blooming brightly after the winter’s rainfall. The best time to view flowers is around 3pm when the sun shines the brightest, and their heads are turned towards the sun, petals fully open to soak in the warmth.

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A brand new event

For all mountain bikers and flower enthusiasts the West Coast is the place to be this spring. The Darling ttu 24 hour MTB Enduro mountain biking event, kicks off on the 1st October 2016 at !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre. The event kicks off on Saturday at 10am and finishes on Sunday at 10am, looping around their 10km mountain bike trail. Find out more on their website.

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Casual leisure to adrenaline junkie

If you haven’t been to !Khwa ttu you have no idea what you are missing! Beautiful scenery, a fabulous restaurant, lovely accommodation, exhibitions, wildlife, wildflowers, walking and cycling trails, a San training academy and always, the wide smiles of welcoming San! The mountain bike trail opened in 2015 and is open to visitors at anytime. The trail offers variety, fun, relaxation and spectacular views, at a great family venue, perfect for weekend getaways. The trail includes two well-marked routes suitable for all levels of experience, from casual leisure rider to experienced adrenaline junkie. On the 10km, circular green route you may have wonderful encounters with game such as Eland and Gemsbok. The Eland is seen as the most sacred animal in the San culture, more historical facts about the San people can be gleaned on the cultural day tours at !Khwa ttu. Find out more about !Khwa ttu.

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We highly recommend a visit

I’ve been going to !Khwa ttu for the past two years with the Gondwana Alive consultants who support the institutional growth and development of !Khwa ttu, through mentorship and training. Gondwana Alive is passionate about connecting people and nature through trails, and help develop trail networks that create jobs, support conservation and promote sustainable economic development.

“Khwa ttu’s walking and cycling trails are a fabulous way to experience the rolling hills, wildflowers and wildlife of the Cape West Coast, and the San connection adds a wonderful depth to the experience – we highly recommend a visit to !Khwa ttu”

Dr Tracey Phillips

CEO, Gondwana Alive

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