Stemming Extinction requires knowledge in action!


Authored by some of the world’s leading scientists and thinkers on the subject, our publications are designed to inform and challenge. Read on below.


Read Dr John Anderson's Book Review of "The Annihilation of Nature"

“All of [Dr john] Anderson’s projects –from palaeobotany to Earth Alive to cultural history–are intimately linked. They are interdisciplinary and multinational. Indeed, they showcase the fundamental connection between all things. Consilience operated in the past and a deep sense of consilience—of reconciliation—is being stressed by Anderson and colleagues as our only option as a species into the future.”
A pending citation towards consideration of Dr John Anderson for an Associate Professorship at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,

Africa Alive

Celebrating heritage, Calling for stewardship

Africa Alive Corridors


Telling the story of Africa

Download a description of each Corridor Africa Alive Corridors

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Homo sapiens corridor


Short stories

Telling the story of humankind (Homo sapiens)

Shortly to be published.

Download a description of the Corridor Homo sapiens corridor

Download a sample Homo sapiens short story collection (23 Feb 2016)

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Earth to Mars Corridor?
Corridors of Life from Earth to Mars – is it possible?


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African Renaissance (UNISA)
africa tree 400x400

A  call for African people and nations

To overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal.

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Cradle park

Africa Alive Corridors – The need for a tangible experience

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Towards Gondwana Alive

Gondwana Alive cover & endorsements-1 500wThe need to focus on Gondwana Alive

To ensure our survival and heal the only planet humanity can call home, we need to spread awareness of the need to take care of plants and animals and stem the “Sixth Extinction”.

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Supernova: Biodiversity & Extinction Series
Biodiversity& ExtinctionThe critical importance of understanding the link between all things and feeling the consequences of our actions.

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‘Molteno Palaeoflora’ (fossil plants)

Paleoflora – why the need?

Gaining wisdom from insight into the past and what happened to bring us to this point in time.

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Earth Alive


‘101 Strategies’ for Stemming the Sixth Extinction

mimimag 600dpi

To heal our planet humanity need to act and act now!!

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Millennium Project
MillA presentation of Western Civilisation 1000-2000 AD; the sciences, arts & governance through 250 of it’s most influential thinkers.


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Darwin Trilogy

The Darwin Centenary was in 2009 and with it came a need to acknowledge and celebrate his contribution, not only to science, but to humanity.

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World of Glimpsibles

Ellen Palestrant’s book creatively communicates the plight of all life on our planet as revealed through science, and how this can be changed.

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Amphitheatre Sculptures
AmphitheatreBuilding a microcosm of our world right here at home, through 43 garden sculptures (set in a cosmopolitan garden, with the plants representing the major branches of the flowering-plant tree) and 43 indoor sculptures; from ‘EarthTime’ to ‘Gondwana Alive/Earth Alive/Africa Alive’ to ‘Philosophers Ridge’.