Green Nature Stewards at Your Service

Jul 28, 2017GrowGreen0 comments

Get your very own Green Nature Steward. Yes indeed, we have that facility here on the Gondwana Alive Webpage. Check it out by clicking here Grow Green Advisor

This is a work in progress, but here’s the basic idea.

  1. You have some kind of work to do and you want to do it Green. It might be anything from planting an organic veggie garden through to having some specialized Green consulting into your corporate with regard to  Green Initiatives, EIA’s, CSI’s, etc. Perhasp you want to create and/or maintain nature trails on your farm.
  2. You come to the Gondwana Alive page and look for the appropriate person to help you, contact them, contract them. All the individuals listed on the site are qualified Nature Stewards within their particular fields of expertise.

We have a vision for this service growing into a powerful tool for anything to do with Green Stewards and Professionals.

However, to run this kind of service means we need our site to be constantly maintained and updated. This blog is a straight up appeal for many people to join this cause and be part of crowdfunding it’s success. By each contributing an annual amount of R1000 we can maintain and improve this Nature Steward Offering on our Gondwana Alive website. Your contribution will also help us develop other services like Online Courses, Top rated knowledge resources, etc. All to do with us helping stem the Sixth Extinction and do right by Mother Nature.

The arithmetic of our need could work as follows: 120 people contributing R1000 annually would mean that we could afford to give the necessary time input to make this Green Advisor Service succeed. However, it’s also important to emphasise that any donation amount whether smaller or larger is most welcome. Together they will all contribute towards us growing this vision of an Uber-type app whereby you can simply log in, state your green need and find a Green Steward to help you.

If you feel you’d like to contribute toward this endeavor please email us and we’ll forward you relevant details. Pleas also note that if you’re in South Africa, your contribution enjoys tax deductible status because of our NGO registration.


The whole Gondwana Alive team says thank you in advance for your support.

Viva a re-Greened World