Give it up for the Youth. Be inspired if you’re not.

Jun 23, 2017Education and Awareness, GrowGreen0 comments

by Gary Simons

This week we highlight the positive difference that young people are making in relation to our global environmental challenges and urgency for action.

No doubt there are many examples like the ones you will read below. Please share the inspiration with others via our Facebook page, commenting in this blog, or tweeting us, and via your own personal social media forums. More than this be inspired to act where you can, whatever your age. While you’re alive you can do something great for the planet and the future generations of all living things. Yes, including those bugs that bug you, but that form part of Gaia’s incredible life system.

First up, Boyan Slat.

As a young student, Boyan Slat came up with an idea, that seemed crazy at first, of how to use the ocean’s natural currents to clean up the plastics that now literally form floating islands. The subject of plastics in the oceans is a subject for a dedicated blog post (watch this space), but in the interim, know this. If we carry on the way we are, the cumulative effects of over-fishing and plastic pollution will mean that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. For those non-vegetarians among us, have you ever tried braaing (barbecuing for those who aren’t South African) a polymer steak instead of a tuna steak. Not recommended. For various health reasons.

Back to Boyan. His work has caught the attention, and led to major action in relation to this idea. Check it out here.

So what about all that stuff that get’s cleaned up. Our second group of youth do chemical things with waste. Their view?

Waste is beautiful! No really, really. For those who love wearing beautiful shoes, handbags, etc. you’ve just got to check this out. But please don’t only be inspired by the creativity, but by the young woman, Mabel Suglo, her co-founder Louis Dapaah Frimpong, and their team. They’re the driving force behind this incredible project. Oh yes, did I mention it home grown in Africa. Ghana to be exact. Do you know of others doing similar things. Get their businesses cause out there into the public domain. If their businesses and initiatives grow and are successful, all the better for all of us.

PS on this one. If anyone purchases from this awesome project, please share, share, share.


Next up. How young do have to be to be inspired and motivated to take action in relation to environmental education? To some degree that’s a ‘how-long-is-a-piece-of-string’ question. One of the answers goes like this. If you’re passionate about it, and you can speak, then tell people. If you can spread the message through technology, then do so. Like our next example of youth doing positive things for the planet is Abbie Barnes. She began when she was 13. The thing to highlight here is how she combined her passion for film-making with her deep concern for taking care of the environment. It’s an example of how we can use technology to spread the word that gets people to take action, no matter how young or old.


Our very own Grow Green Youth Project is another fine example of how young people, in conjunction with mentors, are having a significant impact in the areas of sustainable environmental action. Visit our page to get an insight and find out how you can support this amazing and important initiative.

Here’s our last example to send the message, loud and clear. Now the questions are, simply this. What can you do right now? Young, or old, or in-between. And, will you do it? Not just now, but forever.