san3Thanks to movies like the “Gods Must be Crazy” when we think of the San, images like this spring to mind:

A visit to the !Khwa ttu just off the R27 on the West Coast of South Africa helps us learn about the San culture: past, present and future, leaving us with an image that looks more like this:



This is what my visit to !Khwa ttu inspired in me …home-1

The Tale of my Ancestors

Something ancient awoke within me when I touched upon the story of the San, when I met Andre at !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre. I felt a spirit that has transcended time to make me a human with humanity. It is a spirit that lies at our core, making us wise and humble, that opens our minds to life’s lessons. It is a spirit that is eager to take responsibility, awaiting accountability. A spirit that sees no colour but seeks to mend what is broken, rising high above negativity. It is a treasure that can never be taken away – the spirit of Ubuntu.

At !Khwa ttu I learned that the San are decedents of the “First People” and that they once spread from Angola to the Cape of Storms. This was once their land, they called it a home and it gave them shelter. It was a land that gave birth to heroes and heroines, who fought battles to protect and preserve their land. They lived close to the land, respecting nature, seeking no gold or diamonds but a deep understanding and connection with the land. And their tale – the tale of our Ancestors – is captured in the landscape for us to learn from.
Yes, my visit to !Khwa ttu touched me, and I would encourage all to visit the Centre – to find out more visit