Long Live the Long-Term Environmental Cause

Jun 29, 2017Alternative Energy, Education and Awareness0 comments

by Gary Simons

This week we take a look at some good news stories that highlight an important truth. Namely, that sustained effort, over a long period of time, can yield positive results for turning a downward spiral into an upward one.

The first story concerns those remarkably beautiful, and mysterious creatures, whales. Latest news from the research field shows that certain species of whales have increased in population. This, of course, after they had been hunted and commercially slaughtered for the past 300 years. This drove many of these species to the verge of extinction. One of the important things to highlight is that it has taken approximately 30 years for this turnaround to take place, after the global banning (with some notable exceptions) of whale hunting. It strikes one that it is has been the tenaciousness of conservationists, and other key role players, over the long haul, that has finally brought about postive results. It is the important to recognize that this willingness to keep on in a cause, sometimes against enormous obstacle, is driven by values. It is these principles that enable ongoing action for environmental causes and that it often takes many years of ‘keeping on’ before any major global results can be seen. If those working in this environmental cause had merely given up after 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, the results highlighted in the following article would not have been seen.


While you’re here, listen to another language. May it always exist in the oceans.


More good news for the planet. Paradoxically from a country who has been sucking up the stuff most of us couldn’t live without. Oil. Saudi Arabia’s wealth comes directly from it’s oil resources. It is highly notable then that the Saudis would be starting to pout serious money into sustainables. They have obviously done their homework with their actuaries and seen the writing is on the wall for oil, and thus their wealth. It is very good news in relation to global trends to see implementation of renewables on the scale that Saudi Arabia has planned. All we can say is Viva the Sun, because if it didn’t, nor would we. Read about the Saudi’s plans here. We need to be lobbying for the same here in South Africa, instead of fracking our remarkable sensitive eco-systems in the Karoo.


Let’s all be grateful for, and humbled by, for the good big things in the Universe.


Our last environmental cause victory to highlight comes from  Malaysia, and concerns protection of indigenous habitat. Again, it is notable that it is the sustained effort, here along with significant financial backing, that brings pressure to bear for short-term-gain-decisions to be reversed. The mind actually boggles to think of just how much bio-diversity is contained within a rain forest. The heart should be deeply anguished at how much we, as an ignorant species, have already destroyed. How long will it take to move the rain forest into a trend of growth and expansion again (like the whales)? It doesn’t actually matter. What matters is simply this, that we do the right thing, no matter what the outcome. Mother nature will take care of the outcomes from our sustained efforts to honour and respect her.


Here’s how nature gifts us with sound. Please don’t listen while you’re driving, because you’re bound to get REALLY relaxed and sleepy with this.


There are many, many stories like those above. What we would like you to do is share the ones that are close to home for you. Email us, or share them on our Facebook page. These stories and experiences are powerful encouragements for us all to keep doing what we can, right where we are.

Our next blog will highlight some of the success stories that Gondwana Alive has been involved in.

Viva the long-term vision.