A New Story for a New Year

Jan 26, 2017About Gondwana, Education and Awareness0 comments

Just before Christmas we shared some stories on humanity’s journey over the last 200 000 years. This year we take it to a whole new level with the 4 billion year old story of the mother continent from …

Africa Alive Corridors

A 4 billion year geological, biological & cultural biography of Africa

By J.M. Anderson and M de Wit

This story helps us to learn from the past to inform the future so we can create

“…a new tomorrow Africa,

a colossus amongst the continents….

Womb of our humanity & culture

Fountainhead of our art

Stem of human language

Cradle of our hominin ancestors & of our primate ancestors.

Heartland of Gondwana & Pangaea

Centre of Earth’s geo-biodiversity

Embracing Earth’s geodiversity hotspots & her terrestrial biodiversity hotspots

Home of her only intact megafauna.

But Continent of greatest human suffering & place of our biggest dreams.”


Download the pdf from our homepage for a snapshot into:

The Cradle to Cradle Corridor

Earth Time

Snowball Earth

The mother of all extinctions

Eastern Rift Valley

Colonisation of the World

The Valley of the Pharoahs

And more …


Keep watch for our next blogs on Preserving Biodiversity in your own Back Yard, the Homo sapien Corridor, Hunter-Gatherers, and more …