Six Things to do in Spring

Sep 1, 2017International Days0 comments

by Sheree-Ann Jooste

Every change of seasons is symbolic in its own way, but spring, specifically the first day, is especially meaningful because it’s associated with rebirth, growth, and renewed optimism. Here are 6 things to do to simply because it’s Spring Day.

Get a Bouquet of fresh flowers

The first day of spring is a day that you should definitely spring for a bouquet of flowers or even a pot plant if you prefer .It’s the quickest way to brighten up your living space (or your office) and nothing says “spring” quite as much as a bouquet of beautiful blossoms.

Start your own Garden

A beautiful garden does wonders to one’s mood. Not only is it a great experience to see all your hard work flourishing into stunning plants. Gardening also acts as a teaching tool in being a responsible person and provides a calming environment.. It is only in spring that your flowers will blossom amazingly and if you are not too keen on flowers, you can opt for a veggie or fruit garden.

Have a picnic in the Park

Take advantage of the green grass and the lovely weather and go out a little bit. Picnics are a lovely way to distract yourself from day-to-day pressures by being amongst nature and happy people. You can pack few sandwiches, fruits, treats and a sweet drink or some wine if you like. Obviously, you can’t go picnicking on your own so bring along your friends, partner or little ones.

Pick a new activity or addition to your daily routine

If you’ve been meaning to start a new activity like yoga or hiking, or taking a class (foreign language? Art? Whatever strikes you’re fancy?) That’ll enrich your life, use the first day of spring to make that decision. Then, commit to it — sign up for those classes or start hiking. It’s the perfect way to mark the season of new beginnings.

Take a last minute road trip

On a Friday afternoon, pack up the car and head somewhere fun with someone you love for the weekend. Visit a place you’ve never been before. Don’t forget to pack your healthy snacks and water.

Sunrise hike

Waking up before sunrise to go for a hike may not strike you as the most enjoyable spring activity. Exercising is a fantastic way to start off your day, not to mention the amazing pictures and memories you will have upon your return. There are so many hiking options in Cape Town, I would suggest Lions Head or a Hike along Misty Cliffs in Scarborough.


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