by Sheree-Ann Jooste

It is nearly Christmas – a time for family, for gathering, for stories.

Where did humanity as we know it come from?

What were our experiences?

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1st-person Short Stories(click here)

From Mitochondrial Eve to Mandela—along the Homo sapiens Corridor

By J.M. Anderson and M de Wit

This is the story of humanity’s journey over the last 200 000 years, told best at 20 sites along a heritage corridor that cups the African continent.


Like any good story … it starts with “Once upon a time …”

“Once upon a time …….. about 220,000 years ago, a huge asteroid slammed into the Earth a little way north of Pretoria. It was surely the end of the world! There was utter devastation for hundreds of miles in all directions.

A shining star! Mitochondial Eve, as she has become lovingly known, saw the world in brighter tones than those around her.

….. or did they?”

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“Love; the moon & the deep blue sea” at Pinnacle Point

The first neckless at Blombos Cave

The Eland story at Boomplaas

Ostrich-men & Watermeide at Klein Swartberg

What happened with the “Tall Ships” arrived?

And more…


Keep watch for our next blog on the 4 billion year old story of Africa, the mother continent…coming January 2016


Merry Christmas from GA team


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